How One Company's New Marketing Model Generates More Quality Jobs Per Month Than Most Other Appraisal Professionals Create in 2 Years!


How One Company's New Marketing Model Generates More Quality Jobs Per Month Than Most Other Appraisal Professionals Create in 2 Years!

YOU as an appraisal or valuation professional…

Can Get Access to More Jobs, and Higher-Quality Jobs… At a lower cost per client…

Better than other marketers, your certification companies or than you can do alone…

Even if your referrals dry up, the laws change or the market shifts…

And it’s completely Guaranteed!

Let's Discover Together How...

I’m writing to you today with good news!

There is now a distinctly new way for you to get all the perfect appraisal jobs you want.

Chances are high that you haven’t heard of us before, but if you’ll give me 5 minutes, I have a story to tell you…

Through years of working in our industry, it strikes me that there are a lot of solid professionals who make their living this way.

Good guys and gals who want the best for their clients.

They work to treat clients as if they were a beloved family member or a really close friend.

Every story starts somewhere... A key moment for Nathan...

Even though my work in the appraisal business began about a year earlier, the real story started the day I met with an SBA Underwriter, a man who represented one of the biggest banks in the world.

We were sitting in his private windowed office on the 35th floor and he’d just spent 3 silent minutes looking through all the material and reports I had prepared in advance of our meeting.

He closes the book I’d given him, pushes back and says “That’s a fantastic report!” to which I said “thank you”.

He replies and says “Unfortunately, I’ll never be able to use you.”

The weight of his comment nearly knocked me over. Realizing I had nothing left to lose, I asked: “Why?”

He replied, “we have a 20-year incumbent we do business with and he has wined and dined all of the people in this building — I don’t see you knocking him out, nor do I anticipate getting approval to use you because of all the different people he’s built relationships with.”

I don't know what such a message would mean to you or to your thinking...

I shook his hand and left.

I didn’t even bother to give him a packet like the countless other banks I’d met with (who always seemed to forget me within a month anyways).

As I rode the elevator down I said to myself “well, that explains a lot…” and began my long car ride home.

The meeting itself was a bit more than an hour from where we lived, and as I left all I could think about was

“there has to be a better way to do this.”

Here’s the thing

Most of my peers in my certification company celebrated my first year’s accomplishments in the business.

After all, I had started at zero, having just moved to rural Indiana, and yet I completed 18 appraisal jobs my first year.

John Harris (my mentor) used to tease me by saying “I rolled off the turnip truck in rural Indiana and started a business. 

I was put forward as an example because most guys in the industry were completing only 1 job per month on average.

Soon, my process was even being hailed as “the way forward” for new people in the M&E Appraisal business.

My Belief System was Blown Away...

Internally though, I was deeply dissatisfied with my results.

But why?

Because of a one-on-one conversation I’d had at my first conference for appraisers.

That day I met a man named “Jacob”, who told me he was completing an average of 100 jobs per month.

In that instant, my paradigm was shifted.

My belief systems were blown apart about what was possible – if I could just figure out how…

Now, before I get ahead of myself, let me share one other key piece of the story.

Like so many others who enter this field, I was an employee at a large corporation.

Nearly daily I thought about and talked with my wife about “starting our own gig.” 

But, with 3 daughters, we also worried about security and stability.

We were torn, but I was also motivated by one important fact.

We were broke.

With a growing family. There was almost always more month left after our money ran out.

After a frustrating day in my corporate job, I decided to visit my old friend John at his office.

I needed a chance to vent.

You see, John always seemed to have money, but I didn’t know how he made it.

So I decided to ask!

After listening to me, John said:

“It’s time for you to use your business acumen, your skills and abilities, your understanding of sales, your capacity to think like a businessman and start your own business.”

Shortly after that, I jumped into the car with John’s son and headed to Texas for my first Equipment Appraisal conference.

That  event impacted me in a big way, and it was my first exposure to a “hidden gem” of an industry that was needed, yet was hiding in plain sight from most people.

Many of the people who attended the conference were skilled professionals in one of the fields that bordered and occasionally needed appraisals done.

They were accountants, CPA’s, business valuators, business brokers, equipment brokers, attorneys; even an economist or two.

They were already experienced and established in their businesses but were involved because of the potential to add new sources revenue to their existing business.

I was overwhelmed, to say the least…

In my mind, their experience, education and skills outclassed me in every way. 

Others, me included, were there trying to establish themselves as a professional in a new market or industry.

Like many before me, my focus in that next year in this new industry was to learn, Learn, LEARN.

I needed to know what the most successful people did that brought them success;

But, I also wanted to understand when a peer was struggling or failing, why that was so.

My most important discovery, one that led me to as Socrates suggested, “know myself”, was to look at what the most successful professionals were doing and implement it into my business.  

Many were gaining referrals from their local relationships, and miscellaneous forms of offline marketing.

Having just moved to the market, I didn’t have local relationships to work with. 

Coming from an enterprise sales position, I quickly realized that the people who struggled most seemed to be focused on the appraisal report.

They were stuck in “Analysis to Paralysis”

They thought that what would bring them more jobs would be to keep adding more credentials and professional designations.

My first year in the valuation industry was a real eye-opener for me.

I went to conferences, attended webinars and talked to John and other appraisers almost daily. 

I took detailed notes and implemented the best of the best and was in a state of manic improvement.

I found it entertaining and sort of amusing that the most successful guys had developed nicknames for those who struggled for success.

We are going to call them “Dudley’s”.

Here I was, being hailed as a success by my associates, friends and peers – all while I’m barely hanging in there financially.

I was acutely aware that simply “hanging my shingle” as a “Dudley” appraiser and doing what others were doing – WAS  NOT ENOUGH!

Had I Become A "Dudley"?

Dudley Image

Dudley travels the road of mediocrity.

He has several key characteristics.

Dudley completes 1-2 jobs per month, yet he needs 50+ hours per week to do that (including time spent worrying about the business after hours).

He makes a “decent” living and feels semi-effective, but knows he can do more. His reality, however, roller-coasters between “Feast and Famine”. 

Meet Dudley

Because of his views on marketing, Dudley follows the age old process of “hanging out a shingle and hoping”…

Dudley’s Activities Include:

Dudley had fallen into the age-old “process” trap that exists in so many businesses and industries.

Here, we find a heavy focus on the regulations regarding the appraisal report and on nuances of that report.

Rather than on helping the person who needs an appraisal to find the best person for their job.

An attorney, banker, advisor or individual needing an appraisal, who goes online, will find it hard to locate an expert appraiser, understand their qualifications/credentials, review their background and contact and hire them.

In essence all of the books have the same cover, making them all appear to be the same.

When we realized that this was an issue that caused most of the “Dudley’s” to stumble, the decision was made that our first step will be to make finding the right appraiser simple and easy for consumers.

How would that benefit you, as a valuation professional?

When we make it easy for those who need an appraisal to find one easily,  you’d be considered for more and better jobs. 

The end result is with our service; the right appraiser gets the right job.

Yes, we figured out how to do that for you.

But I am getting ahead of myself so let me continue my story…

You may remember earlier when I told you about meeting “Jacob”, right?

He was the one completing over 100 business valuation jobs per month.

Having struggled as I had the previous year, Jacob was clearly doing things differently. I wanted to have the peace of mind he had.

I wanted the success he was enjoying. 

In reality, I wanted to be a "Jacob"...

Meet Jacob

Jacob truly embraces “Work Smarter not Harder”…

Jacob’s Activities Include:

Jacob Image

Jacob was traveling the road to success.

He has several key characteristics.

In his company, he oversees many jobs and profit centers per month, yet Jacob only needs around 20 hours per week to complete it all. 

He makes a great living, enjoys steady cash-flow and has moved far away from the “Feast or Famine” roller-coaster life. 

Getting to know Jacob and patterning my business after his success was life changing for me.

While driving home from that fateful meeting I had mentioned earlier, I realized that instead of fighting tooth and nail for 18 jobs,

I could probably get a few jobs easily from each of the major markets around me.  

The process for getting these jobs seemed to be a hidden path to the “gold” I knew was there.

So on the way home from the appointment, I stopped by a Barnes & Noble book seller. After an hour or so in the Business Section, I decided on a book written by a “guru” in online advertising, which I studied.

Then, over the next months, I stubbornly blew through tons of money until I found a sliver of success.

Over the next few years, many expensive conferences, gurus, consultations and a library full of products and training…

I had spent a fortune to solve my marketing issues.

From barely getting jobs locally I found it easy to get jobs all over the nation – even the world. 

The decision to learn online marketing was expensive and time consuming – if only there was a better way. 

Over the next years, my little business had completed over 700 equipment appraisal jobs. 

This forced me to fine tune my presentation and my back office process. 

Plot Twist: With The Right Help, Dudley Morphs Into Jacob

In 2017 I sold my appraisal marketing machine to one of my subcontractors and went into semi-retirement.

Almost weekly since then I’ve had conversations with folks who had also chosen the valuation industry for their careers, had heard of my proven results and wanted help.

I saw a need and tried to “give back” by speaking at local conferences. 

Sadly, my non-compete agreement prevented us from working directly together.

Just recently an agreement was reached that allows me to share my systems for finding more and better jobs with others in the appraisal industry.

Want To Know The Biggest of The Big Hairy Problems We Found?

It’s difficult and confusing for the client who needs an appraisal, to separate the real professionals from the pretenders. 

To make it easy to find the right appraiser, we have created (and soon,

This site is the easiest way possible to find a qualified, local service provider.

We built the site around an ‘uber-easy’ search function where a client answers simple questions to generate a search.

The site then delivers a list of qualified, local appraisers to them. The service is available 24/7/365 and 100% for free.

Until now, nothing of this type has ever been made available to help THE CLIENT to find you and hire you for the appraisals they need done.

In our system we have taken the knowledge gained over the course of 12 years, 700 jobs, $100,000+ of our own money spent and curated the best of the best knowledge.

This created the ValueLinchpins marketing system

On the site, every member will have their own, custom “Rapid Results Conversion Page” (RRCP), which was designed to make it easy for an appraisal buyer to evaluate qualified professionals.

Your one-page RRCP is, in our opinion, the best online version of you and may be more valuable than your website is, especially as Google continues to evolve.

(Ask me about this when we talk or meet in person)

The website allows the client to get a true “apples to apples” comparison.

Also, as a third-party referral service, we’re able to provide clients an “arms-length” transaction with their selected appraiser.  

Our Solutions...

Let Me Formally Introduce You To:

Value Linchpins Logo & Tag

Before we go farther, let me define the term we’ve chosen… 

“Linchpin” was a book by author Seth Godin in 2011 where he raises the question: Are you Indispensable? was built to be a private resource for the brothers and sisters we serve. Our several search engine sites like are made to help clients find the right appraiser… is here to help YOU!

As we assessed the marketplace of appraisers and similar professionals we heard again and again that the market needs something more.

Not just another agency with a “me-too” list of services – what they needed was a Linchpin.

They needed an “indispensable partner”.

Maybe you have thought, “I need one too…” 

The Value Linchpins Marketing System Overview

  1. The power of Arms-Length Referral and Verification: What others say about you is far more powerful than what you say about yourself. We have a strict verification and vetting process that allows only the best to be listed. Then, we clearly explain why you are the best and how you compare to others.
  2. The power of educated and knowledgeable clients: Our Tools and Guides can pre-educate the client – A More Informed client leads to easier jobs.
  3. The power of a Group: Pooled Funds = More access to More marketing channels at lower costs for More buying power & helping More clients find You.
  4. The power of Proof: We have created a Verified Score system that allows you to prove at a glance and showcase your level of expertise. Add to that the power of our Licensed Industry Specialties and you have a better client search experience. This leads to More jobs aligned to Your skills.
  5. The power of client trust BEFORE the call: The client will understand much of what you offer BEFORE they call. You will spend much less time convincing (selling) the client and more time helping them with their actual need.
  6. And Much More…

Getting Value "Linchpinners" Like You More and Better Jobs IS Our Job

Right now we have identified over 112 marketing channels where your future appraisal clients might be hiding.

We will use these channels to attract appraisal clients for you, and that’s just online – remember offline marketing still works too.

Imagine you taking your limited marketing budget and being able to get leads sources like these:

  • Online Pay Per Click Ads
  • Paid Social Media Pushes
  • Online Video and Ads
  • Client Education Videos
  • National Tradeshows & Conferences
  • Advertorials
  • Free Online Tools for Clients
  • Direct Mail & Mailers
  • Key Client Association Marketing
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • And Many More!

Imagine Our Process Like A ValueLinchpins Marketing Machine


Why Work With Us?

1. We used to be You… we have used our own money to effectively market in this industry for 12+ years. For many of those years we averaged over 200+ Equipment Appraisals a year. And 90% of those were NEW clients.

2. Group Purchasing: We can be seen in more advertising channel locations than any lone professional can. It’s the simple economics of more dollars available to use and more time to focus on marketing.

3. Tracking of Your Advertising Dollars: We will provide you a quarterly statement of our services effectiveness.

Q1 2020| Premium: Texas| 32 Personal Page Views – 10 Calls – 3 Email Forms
Q1 2020| Premium: Austin MSA| 25 Personal Page Views – 11 Calls – 4 Email Forms
Q1 2020| Premium: Manufacturing| 29 Personal Page Views – 13 Calls – 6 Email Forms

4. BIG WHY: We focus on You having at least a 10x ROI (return on investment). Here is the Proof:
Data: We found that the Average Desktop Equipment Appraisal is $2,000 (annualized)
Data: We found that the Average Onsite Equipment Appraisal is $3,600 (annualized)

The 10x ROI: Our Average Location is $200 per month – And we Guarantee that you will get at least 1 qualified lead per month. Those leads will annually average $2,000 per job.
Anything after that first lead is Icing on the Cake…

5. Scalability / Business Growth: Our service allows you to scale. Our Professionals currently range anywhere from wanting 1 more job per month to our largest current Professional’s company getting 250+ jobs a year from our efforts.

6. Simple Feast or Famine Guarantee: If you do not get at least 1 qualified lead a month Your Next Month is Free. This eliminates month – month advertising cost pressures.

Included In All Programs:

  1. Your business listing in
  2. Custom “Rapid Results Conversion Page”
  3. You’ll benefit from our use of 112 Marketing Channels
  4. Quarterly Analytics
  5. Industry Specialty Badges Available
  6. Invite to Monthly “Ask Us Anything” Call
  7. VL “Sounding Board” Facebook Group
  8. Access To Free Tools & Forms

"Hidden" Benefits:

In addition to gaining access to more ideal jobs, here’s more of our plan to serve valuation professionals like yourself.

You’ll Gain Several “Hidden” Benefits From Your Involvement

  • Camaraderie: Interact, refer and be referred by like-minded and verified people who are all working to achieve similar goals.
  • Be Appreciated: Draw from and add your knowledge to our Knowledge Base – and be appreciated for it.
  • Friendly competition: Get recognized by your real peers and win awards/prizes. Our internal rivalry focuses on growing a better, more profitable business for you.
  • Member Tools: Access to systems, technology, advice, and implementation for the ever-changing marketplace.
  • Referral Sources – When a project is available and it’s not ideal for you or you can’t complete the job, referring it within the group means you’ll be able to know that the client is covered well!

Get A “Backstage Pass” To The Top Minds In Our Industries

Many of the valuation professionals we know attend one or more professional conferences each year. It’s a great way to keep up with advancements in the industry; it’s also a great place to build new relationships and friendships.

Most of the people we’ve asked about conferences though, told us one thing consistently. It was that hanging out at the restaurant or bar and sharing war stories with peers in the business provided the most value they got at these conferences.

So much value is received in these settings that we’ve decided to “skip” the conference portion (with the speakers all selling stuff…) and proceed directly to the deep engagement with what we call “Regional Power Dinners”.

As the host of these dinners, (roughly 4x per year), every person in the room will sign a non-disclosure form providing protection for your ideas and intellectual property. This allows all of us to work collectively to strategize, share and help you solve challenges, get more clients and more perfect appraisal jobs.

Be sure to ask about our regional power dinners when we talk.

Want More?

I am at risk of sounding like the guy selling Ginsu Knives but yes, there is even “more value” when you join today:

  • You’ll have a “Sounding Board” – providing you a safe place to brag or RANT (because most of the people in your life don’t understand anyway)
  • Access to “Worry-Free” and proven marketing systems – we’ll filter out the noise and junk for you to get you the right clients
  • Free Tools – A constantly updated list of tools and compatible product offers to help you – including potentially new revenue streams
  • Years of Experience – Proven techniques and a proven track record. Become part of a verified, vetted group, because it’s who you know that counts
  • Referral Sources – When a project is available and it’s not ideal for you or you can’t complete the job, referring it within the group means you’ll be able to earn referral money!

I’m sure you’ll agree that for professionals like us, nothing like this exists – we’re doing for our industry what Angie’s List have done for tradesmen and ThomasNet has done for manufacturing companies. 

Who Is On The Bridge Of The Ship?

nathan orange background Let’s start with Nathan Bazzle, a Master Certified Equipment Appraiser and expert whose team completed over 700 large equipment appraisals before he sold the business in 2017. (The Business is still going strong at an average of 250+ Equipment Appraisals per year and averaging 40 – 100 Line Items per Appraisal).

Much of that was done through a deep understanding and mastery of online marketing – including those mysterious and ubiquitous “pay per click” ads you see on websites everywhere.

Also on the deck is Scott A Dennison. He is an online marketing expert and 2x published author with 20+ years of experience.scott headshot orange background

After almost 10 years in direct sales, Scott got his start as a consultant with a large Chicago based firm. He then worked for several years representing motivational speaking greats like Jim Rohn, Tom Hopkins and Jeffrey Gitomer.

In 1998 Scott began an online business and has never looked back. He’s generated thousands of online leads for clients of his since 2012 and is now available to help you.

Our Primary Advisors Include:

  • Rod & Donna Mefford
  • John Harris
  • and a growing list of Appraiser’s in the service – We constantly listen to what they are seeing in the market…

No Matter What Stage Of The Business You're In, We Have Solutions For You

I'm Just Starting Out

I worked hard to earn my credentials. I'd like to find a way to get more value from my associations and professional designations. ​

I Need 1 More Job Per Month

I need at least 1 more job each month (preferably a better job, too) I'd like to discover how to position and market myself better for increased results.

I Want As Many Jobs As Possible

I want as many jobs as possible. I am focused on becoming a large and successful appraisal business.

I'm At The Top of My Industry

I'm well-established and am looking to expand my relationships with other successful professionals. Let's pave the path for others.

I'm an Absentee Owner

I'm seasoned and leaning towards retirement. I'm looking for an experienced partner to run my marketing systems for me.

Choose The Package That Best Fits You And Let's Get Started

Start Me Up

Great for new professionals

$100/per month

Plus an 8% Referral Fee on jobs generated of which 3% will be used for marketing in your territory or specialties. Annual Discount Option - ($800 if paid annually)

Listing in FindEquipmentAppraiser
Custom Rapid Results Conversion Page
Benefit from +/- 112 marketing channels
Quarterly analytics (results reports)
Industry Specialty Badges available
Invite to "Monthly Ask-us-anything Call"
"VL Sounding Board" Facebook group
Access to Free Tools & Forms
Listing in 10 Territories
Listing in 20 Industry / Equipment Types

Time is On My Side

Perfect for seasoned professionals and teams

$1,200/per month *

Plus a negotiated Referral Fee

Everything in the "Satisfaction" package
We run your marketing for You
Request Your Free Discovery Call
* Packages start at $1,200 and up

Example of How Our Advertising Budget Works For You

Upon Signup Our National Advertising Budget Starts Generating Jobs for You

Once You receive and are paid for a Job You pay us a referral of 8%

We then take 5% for our services / further national advertising, and then apply the remaining 3% directly into marketing your territory and/or specialties.

Example: $2,000 Job = 8% ($160) of which $60 is directed back towards benefiting You 

I'm Interested - Please Contact me!